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You the Customer!

Interested in Getting Local / National Deals?

  • Have you wondered if any restaurant, cup cake shop or any business near you is giving away deals?
  • Are you able to catch deals that a business offers between 6pm and 8pm any day?
  • Did you ever wanted to know which bars are having happy hours and what they are offering?

You Got Something to Sell - Offer up as a deal!

An app that allows you to sell anything for a deal? Write up what you want to sell for a deal and others get notified and you make money when you sell it.

Welcome to 123Deals4U!
An app that notifies you of local and national deals as it happens in real time!
An app that allows you to sell anything for a deal!

Now that’s something!

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123Deals4U - Mobile app for shopping deals, discounts, sales and promotions.

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You the Business Owner! - Want more customers / sales?

Write up your flash/popup deal anytime you wish. Customers get notified and you are in business.

Get customers flowing to you when you want.

  • Do you have the opportunity to offer deals at the spur of the moment?
  • What if you could offer a deal two hours before closing and get customers in?
  • Lets say you are behind in revenue for the day. Do you have a marketing app that allows you to offer deals and attract nearby customers quickly?
  • And many more type of deals...

Welcome to 123Deals4U!
An app that empowers you to offer popup/flash deals anytime you want to. Write up a deal, customers get notified and customers come to you. It’s that simple and powerful.

Now that’s something!

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Get it on Google Play

About 123Deals4U

Next Wave Disruptions is a technology company dedicated to bring about positive disruptions to the world using smart intelligent technology. Moving forward CHANGE is coming your way.

All I have to say – BE PREAPRED TO BE AMAZED.

123Deals4U.com is one of our passion which is intended to introduce ‘IMPULSE MARKTING’ to empower small business and enhance lifestyle of everyone.

Hemen Patel (Founder)
Innovator & Trend Setter

It's all about IMPULSE!

No matter where you are in the world, you will get notified of deals happening in real time within 10 miles of where you are.

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